Since 1985, M.S. Shore Company, Inc. has developed strategies for maintaining our client’s most valuable assets, Real Estate. With our comprehensive services and expertise our client’s receive optimum results for all their real estate assets. Whether it be investment in; Commercial, Office, Retail, Industrial, Multifamily, Hotel, Resort, Healthcare Facility, Raw Land, Farm Land, or Specialized Property, we shall work diligently to service your properties highest and best use.

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Property sales and leasing is the bread and butter of the real estate business. However, timing is everything! Therefore,
M. S. Shore Company, Inc. will thoroughly analysis market timing and property conditions to bring all the critical elements together for success. Price, Condition, Location, Marketing and Closing of the property shall be evaluated and packaged to produce optimum results. Once the pertinent data is compiled we can then provide our client’s a realistic time-line for success.
Our services include: 
•Acquisition & Disposition
•Market Research
•Cost Analysis
•Site / Space Requirements
•Seller / Buyer or Landlord / Tenant Representation
•Contractual Negotiations
•Governmental Compliance

We consider real estate one of your most important investments. Therefore, in order to maximize those real estate investments it is prudent to seek professional advice. Our services will provide you with a clear understanding of investment real estate portfolios. With our extensive experience with buyers and sellers we have developed simple guidelines to help you determine the feasibility of each transaction.
Services provided include:
•Investment Portfolio Development
•Income & Expense Analysis
•Market Analysis
•Acquisition & Disposition
•Feasibility Studies
•Absorption Rate Analysis
•Asset Management

M. S. Shore Company, Inc. employs a “Hands On” approach to property management. The management of real property is very intensive and constant attention to every detail is imperative. With this approach we are able to clearly understand and service the needs of the Landlord and Tenant.
Our services include:
•Income & Expense Analysis
•Absorption Rate Analysis
•Building & Grounds Maintenance
•Landlord / Tenant Negotiation


M.S. Shore Company, Inc. has the local knowledge and expertise to make development of real property a smooth process. Property development is a very intense and detailed process involving many aspects of the real estate business. From site selection for new construction to rehabilitation of existing structures you can count on our ability to follow through with every detail.

Whether it’s Real Estate Investment, Brokerage, Property Management, or Development advise you need , please give us the opportunity to help you make a knowledgeable / informed decision.

With our diverse industry expertise we bring our client’s knowledge only obtainable through years of real estate experience. No matter what type transaction our client’s are involved in we can set their mind at ease. Our consultants will investigate in depth the issues at hand and work diligently to develop a strategic plan for success